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  1. If I am not available, who can enroll my student?
    Only the parent and/or legal guardian with “rights to records” and/or “educational guardianship” can enroll students.
  2. What is Online Enrollment?  
    Online enrollment is an online application that parents and guardians must use to enroll their children at the beginning of every school year (enrollment starts in early August prior to the school year start). After completing online enrollment, new students to the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) must schedule an appointment with their school in order to verify their student’s enrollment.      
  3. Can I complete the online enrollment even if I do not have an email account? 
    An email account is not required for the online application completion; however, it is recommended you create one so teachers can use it to communicate with you and you can retrieve your username and password should you ever lose them. The email is also used to send you a confirmation of the enrollment application completion and an outline of the next steps to the enrollment process.
  4. When does Online Enrollment start for the year 2020-2021?  
    Online enrollment began on August 10, 2020
  5. What if I do not have internet access to complete the Online Enrollment? 
    Email or email/call your school. We will help you to get enrolled. 
  6. When is the 2020-2021 August enrollment day?  
    Schedule an appointment with your school during virtual enrollment Days in order to complete the enrollment process    
  7. Do students need to come to the August enrollment day?  
    Due to COVID-19, neither parents nor students can go to the schools to enroll.
  8. What if I am not available during the enrollment period/dates?
    You can still schedule an appointment with your school in order to complete the enrollment process. 
  1. What documentation does the school ask for to enroll a new resident student? 
    The documentation needed is:

    1.  immunization records (if you did not allow access to Wisconsin Immunization Registry)    
    1. proof of residence (gas/electric bill, lease, mortgage)
    1. proof of age (birth certificate, health record or other official records)
    1. verification of parent/guardian identity and relationship -- official photo identification (driver’s license, passport or government issued ID) and the student’s birth certificate or court documentation providing proof of parent/guardian relationship,       

      If you are unable to provide verification, please contact the MMSD Enrollment Office at 608-663-4957 or

  1. How can I get my Infinite Campus username and or password?  
    Only parents or guardians that have currently or previously enrolled students will have an Infinite Campus account. New parents or guardians will create an account when they access online enrollment for the first time. Those who already have an account can access this Lost Password Form to retrieve their username and/or password.  If you need further assistance, call (608) 663-4957. You will be asked a few questions to verify who you are in order to receive your username and password. 
  2. What will happen if I don't       provide all of the required documentation      during registration/enrollment time?  
    You will be allowed to complete the registration/enrollment process but will be asked to      provide proof as soon as you have it.  If you do not have proof of residency or age you may be asked to visit the enrollment office to sign an affidavit or work with the enrollment office to provide some kind of proof.  
  3. How and when can I pay for the registration fees? 
    Parents can pay for the registration fees and the student’s planner before registration day through the Online Fee Payment System or they can write a check      and mail it to the accounting department. This year, 2020     , there are no additional fees added      for paying online. 
  4. How much are the students’ fees?  
    Elementary, Middle and High school students have specific fees.
  5. How can students new to MMSD transfer credit?
    This communication is designed for students new to the district and includes MMSD current policies and practices surrounding high school credit for middle school students and guidance for families regarding postsecondary planning.