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What is Infinite Campus?

All K-12 school districts use some sort of database system for managing student information and maintaining their records. Infinite Campus is a district-wide student information system designed to manage attendance, grades, schedules, test scores, and other information about the students in the MMSD. 

What is the Infinite Campus Parent Portal?

The Parent Portal is a confidential and secure Web site where you can get current information about your child's school attendance and grades.

How secure is the information contained in the Portal?

Infinite Campus uses a 32-bit, secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology to protect information. The technology is similar to that used in other industries such as health care and banking.

What information is included in the Portal? What do I use it for?

When you, as a parent or guardian, log-in you have access to information about all of the students for which you are associated. Class schedules, assignments and grades can be viewed. E-mail hyperlinks facilitate communication with classroom teachers. In addition, schools post important information on the home page, such as events, notices, etc. Attendance information is also available. The Parent Portal allows report cards to be viewed online and printed.

By using the Infinite Campus Online Parent Portal, MMSD provides an online communication tool which can help you as a parent or guardian stay current with your student's progress. From an Internet connection at home, the workplace or any public library, you can view up-to-date information about your student's attendance and grades.

What exactly is Infinite Campus Student Portal?

The Student Portal is a confidential and secure Web site where students get current information about their attendance and grades. They also use the portal to review announcements and select courses for the next school year.

Who can access the Parent Portal?

Only parents and guardians designated with legal rights to student records may receive a Parent Portal account. Each parent/guardian with such rights receives their own separate account. Accounts are NOT shared among more than one parent/guardian within households, i.e., there are no "household" accounts in the Portal. Each parent/guardian Portal accounts provides access to information for any student in which the parent/guardian has legal rights to records.

When can I access the Parent Portal?

Parents and guardians of middle school and high school students can access the Portal. Parents of elementary school students may access the portal in the winter months of the school year. Contact your child's school for more information about specific dates.

How do I access the Student Portal?

Each middle and high school student is provided an account by school staff. Details are provided at each school.

How do I create a user account so I can use the Parent Portal?

The district office will mail you a Parent Portal user account after your child is enrolled into the district.

The Infinite Campus Parent Portal is located at: We recommend you "bookmark" this location after you get your account enabled and working. After you go through the process of creating your user name and password, write them down and keep them in a place where you can refer to them at a later date. The user name and password will allow you to see student information, only for those children for whom you are a parent or guardian.

Do I need any special software?

To effectively access your Infinite Campus Portal account you need:

  1. Internet Access. A minimum dial-up modem speed of 56Kbs — a slower connection works but not as well.
  2. Computer with a processor speed of 500Mhz or better (MAC or PC).
  3. Web Browser — we suggest Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or better for PC and Firefox for Mac.
  4. Adobe ReaderTM — This is a free document reader available for download on the web at There are some Infinite Campus reports that require the Adobe Reader.

How can I get help navigating this system?

For directions on how to use the Parent Portal click here.

What happens if I forget my ID/password?

Problems logging in? Want to change your password? Fill out the online form and  receive an email with your username and password.  If you have questions or need help with the parent portal please email

I didn't receive or lost the letter with the activation key. What should I do?

Contact your child's school. Designated staff can help you with your questions following a standard procedure.

How often is information updated in the Parent/Student Portal?

Information is updated in real time. However, the attendance office generally takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to collect data from various sources to update the student attendance record.

Can I access parent portal from anywhere (e.g., home, work, library, etc.)?

Yes, as long as you meet the minimum computer and Internet access requirements. See minimum requirements section.

How do I add/change/correct my email address?

You can update your email address at any time using the Parent Portal.

How do I add/change/correct my telephone numbers?

To add/change telephone numbers log into the Parent Portal and request a change. 

How do I change/correct my residence address?

You can go to and log in using your Infinite Campus username and password - go to the household tab and update your address, print out the verification page and turn it into your school.

How can I add/delete additional contacts?

You need to stop by the school office with your ID and fill out Household Information Form with the information change.

What if I have questions about my child's grades, attendance, assignments, etc., that are found in Infinite Campus?

Just as in the past, the first contact is your child's teacher or guidance counselor.

Who can I talk to regarding attendance related issues?

Call the Attendance Office at your child's school, but give them 24 to 48 hours before you call to report any errors.

Can anyone else see my student's attendance, grades, etc.?

Keep your username and password safe. If you think someone else knows your username or password, go to Change Account Information on the left side of your information page and change it. All attempts at logging into the system are recorded and monitored. A full audit trail is tracked on sensitive data. You can view the audit trail at any time when logged into the system by clicking the "View Access Log" link on the left-hand side of the screen.

Students are able to see their own information. Students should NOT share their personal information with other students.

Can I stop my username and password from being automatically entered into the Campus login area when logging on?

Window PC Users: (Turn off your Auto Complete)

  1. On your browser toolbar go to TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS, CONTENT TAB.
  2. Click the AUTO COMPLETE button. Only the top box should be checked.
  3. Click the CLEAR FORMS button and then OK.
  4. Click on the CLEAR PASSWORDS button and then OK.

MAC Users: (Turn off your Auto Complete)

  2. Select DISABLED and the click OK.

How can I make sure I am seeing an updated version of my Campus page?

Setting up your Page Refresh option provides an updated version of your Campus session when changes are made. For example, when changes are made to a student's report card or discipline record, changes are saved. This procedure only has to be done once.

Window PC Users: (Setting up Page Refresh option)

  1. On Internet Explorer 4.0, select VIEW from the toolbar.
  2. On Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, go to TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS, GENERAL TAB.
  3. Select the SETTINGS button.
  4. Under "Check for new versions of stored pages" select "Every visit to the page."
  5. Click the OK button.

MAC Users: (Setting up Page Refresh option)

  1. On your browser toolbar go to EDIT, PREFERENCES, WEB BROWSER.
  2. Check the box "Every visit to the page" or it may say "Update pages always."

Is there a way to view the portal in other languages?

At this time, Campus has provided a Spanish language version of the portal. While we do realize there are more languages than Spanish and English spoken among MMSD student households, the Portal has not been translated into other languages by the software company.

I tried to login but my account has been disabled. What should I do?

After three unsuccessful login attempts, Infinite Campus disables your account for security purposes. In such cases contact your child's school.

What can I do to try to resolve the message, "Page cannot be displayed?"

Check the URL and make sure it is correct: (make sure the s is behind the http.)

If you are comfortable doing the following:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Go to Tools and click on Internet Options
  3. Click on the Connections Tab
  4. Click on LAN settings
  5. Click on Advanced
  6. Listed in the box toward the bottom are "exceptions." Go to the end of that list and add the following (make sure to get the semicolon): ;
  7. Click OK a bunch of times
  8. Close Internet Explorer
  9. Come back and click on this link

How do I report problems, comments or suggestions?

If your issue relates to your child's attendance, grades, or other information please start your inquiry with your child's teachers, as your normally would. If your comment or suggestion is general in nature, send an email to with your full name, your student's name, and the description of your comment or suggestion.

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