There are two steps in the enrollment process for new students to the Madison Metropolitan School District.

If you are enrolling a previously enrolled or continuing student, click here.

  1. Complete online enrollment at You must complete this process online. For computer assistance or internet access, review the list of community sites that support enrollment.
  2. Go to you child's school on the assigned enrollment day, if you enroll in August. If you enroll at a different time in the year, contact your child's school to find out when you can go the school.

You will need to bring 5 documents to the school:

  • The verification page printed out at the end of online enrollment.
  • Verification of your child’s age (either birth certificate, passport, or health record).
  • Verification of your address in the school district (either lease, recent utility bill, or mortgage).
  • Vaccination record
  • NOTE: NEW THIS YEAR.Verification of parent/guardian identity and relationship -- official photo identification (driver’s license, passport or government issued ID) and the student’s birth certificate or court documentation providing proof of parent/guardian relationship. If you are unable to provide verification, please contact the MMSD Enrollment Office at 608-663-4957 or
  • NOTE:. The parent who enrolls the student confirms the verification of the second parent as long as the second parent's name is listed in the student's birth certificate.

For more information, visit the frequently asked questions page

How do I know which school is my child's school?

The school your child attends is based on your address in the district. Online enrollment tells you which schools correspond to your address. If you want to do a search before you complete online enrollment, use the “find your school” application.

Elementary: Kindergarten to 5th grade.

Middle: 6th grade to 8th grade.

High: 9th grade to 12th grade.