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  1. How do I enroll if I do not have a permanent address?
    It is likely that you will use the address where you spent the night before the registration date to determine your school attendance area. However, if you are experiencing housing instability, it is best to contact the MMSD Transition Education Program (TEP) at (608) 204-2272 to discuss this further. TEP staff can provide assistance with enrollment and other supports such as transportation to and from school if eligible. Once enrolled in a school, the school social worker can also serve as a resource.  
  2. I am taking care of my niece and her parent(s) reside outside of the MMSD attendance area.  How do I enroll her in school?
    You will be asked to fill out an educational guardianship form that indicates you are accepting responsibility for the student only if the student’s parents live outside of Madison.  
  3. I am taking care of my nephew and his parent(s) reside in the MMSD attendance area.  How do I enroll him in school?
    If the parents live in Madison, they will need to complete an educational guardianship-in district form at the school in order to authorize you to have rights to records and the power to make educational decisions. The parents' address will be used for enrollment purposes. 
  4. I moved to a different attendance area within MMSD. Can my student still attend the school they attended last year?
    If you moved during the school year, your student can finish the current school year at their school. For subsequent years, you would need to apply for internal transfer for your student to have the possibility to remain at their school.  For example, if a third grade student at Schenk Elementary moves to a different school attendance area in March, they can complete the remaining months of the school year at Schenk. To attend fourth and fifth grade at Schenk, they would need to apply for internal transfer
  5. I am currently living with someone and cannot provide proof of residency.  
    If you live with someone else, both you and the co-resident will need to complete the co-residency form. For more information about the co-residency form and process, click here.