August Enrollment 

The August Enrollment period consists of designated days, typically in mid-August, when parents must attend their children's schools to complete the enrollment process. [If you are a continuing student who has been enrolled previously, please click here.] 

Attendance Area

Based on your address, the attendance area in which you live determines the elementary, middle, and high schools your child or children will attend. More information about MMSD attendance areas can be found here.


Co-Residency refers to a situation in which a family is permanently residing in the home of another family or individual.  In these situations, the Co-Residency Form is used as verification of address.

Educational Guardianship

Educational Guardianship refers to a situation in which a student permanently resides with an adult who is not their parent or legal guardian.  Upon completing all necessary paperwork, the educational guardian will be granted Rights to Records and be authorized to make educational decisions in the best interest of the student. When a student resides with their parent or legal guardian, and the latter would like to grant educational guardianship to a stepparent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, etc., the parent or legal guardian can complete an "in district" educational guardianship form. In this case, the student's school attendance area is still based on the parent or legal guardian's address.

Immunization Records and Wisconsin Immunization Registry 

For more information regarding immunization records, please click here.

Infinite Campus 

Infinite Campus is the software used by MMSD to store student information such as household address, enrollment data, grades, and much more. Parents can log in to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal to make household changes and review class schedules and grades. 

Internal Transfer

Internal Transfer refers to the change of schools from one within your home attendance area to an MMSD school within another attendance area. More information regarding the Internal Transfer application process can be found here.

Online enrollment

Online enrollment is done every year in early August prior to the in-school enrollment dates.  To complete this, you will need to log in to the online registration application found here.  To log in, you will need your Infinite Campus username and password, if you are a parent or guardian of a returning student. Parents and guardians of new students will create an account (unless the new student has older siblings already in attendance. In that case, the parent or guardian will use their existing account and add the new student).

Open Enrollment 

Open Enrollment refers to a change of schools between 2 different districts, such as attending a Middleton/Cross Plains school while residing within Madison school district; or attending a Madison school while residing in the Verona (or any other) school district.  

Proof of Age

Acceptable documentation for verifying your student's age includes a copy of the child's birth certificate, passport, or medical record.  The document must include both the student's name and birthday. 

Proof of Residence

Acceptable documentation for verifying your residence includes a utility bill with your name and address on it (usually from MG&E), a copy of your rental lease, or a copy of your home mortgage. 

Rights to Records

A parent, guardian, or emergency contact with Rights to Records over a student is able to receive school-related correspondence and records. A parent or legal guardian is able to grant Rights to Records to another adult by filling out the Rights to Records form.  If you're a new foster parent for an MMSD student, please refer to the Foster Care Rights to Record form

School Feeder Pattern

School feeder patterns refer to groupings of elementary schools that all "feed," or progress, into the same middle school; or groupings of middle schools that all feed into a same high school.