1. What types of student fees are posted in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal during enrollment?
    Student fees posted at enrollment include:
       Board of Education fees for:
          Consumable Materials (classroom supplies not included in the supply list) – all grades
          Textbook Fees – middle and high school students
          Activity Fees – middle and high school students
    Other Fees:
          Planner Fees – Grades 4-5 at some schools and all middle school students
          Lock Fees – all middle school students – varies by school to Lock Fees – all 6th grade students and optional for 7th/8th graders if needed
          High school course fees – varies by course – fee listed in course guide
          Yearbooks – optional fee for all middle and high school students
    Please review the list here.
  2. What other fees could be added to the student’s Infinite Campus account after enrollment?
    Band and strings instrument rentals fees 
    Lost/damaged library items
    Lost/damaged textbooks
    Lost or non-returned athletic uniforms and equipment
    High school course fees due to schedule changes
  3. What is the due date for fee payments?
    All annual enrollment fees, locks, planners and first semester course fees should be paid by the first day of school for each school year.  Athletic fees are due when the athlete rosters into the sport.  Second semester course fees are due by the start of second semester in January.  Fees for lost or damaged items are due when posted in Infinite Campus.
  4. Can parents/guardians set up payment plans?
    Parents can set up payment plans with the school principal or secretary.  Parents can also call Jim Beilke at 608-663-5362 or Ruth Schultz at 608-663-5365 in the District accounting office to set up payment plans.
  5. What happens if fees are not paid in the current year?
    Fees carry over from year to year and stay on the student record until they are paid.  Fee payments should be made in the current year to avoid carrying over unpaid fees.
  6. How do I pay student fees?
    You can pay fees online through the Parent Portal of Infinite Campus with a credit card, debit card, or e-check.  You can also pay fees at the school office in person or by sending a check or cash with the student.  You can also mail a check to the school or to the District Accounting Office at 545 W. Dayton Street, Madison, WI  53703. Please review the Fee Payment website.
  7. How does my student qualify for a fee waiver?
    Student fee waivers are granted through the enrollment process by providing answers to the Socio-Economic Status (SES) question on the online enrollment application and answering “Yes” to all District fees.  In addition, you must complete the Free or Reduced-price meals form here if you want the District to use this information for the fee waiver.  Please review the Socio-Economic Status video during the online Enrollment process. 
  8. Can I change my answer on the SES question?
    You can change the answer to the SES question by contacting the school secretary for help.
  9. My student qualifies for free or reduced-price meals, but I do not see a waiver for my student’s fees.  What is missing?
    You must give permission for the District to use your free or reduced-price meal status information through the enrollment Socio-Economic Status (SES) question on the online enrollment application.  Select Option #1 and answer “all fees” for the District to apply a waiver.
  10. Can I request a fee waiver, reduction or payment plan if my child does not qualify for free or reduced-price meals?
    Yes.  You can provide documentation of public assistance to the school principal/designee or the District accounting office at 663-5362 (Jim Beilke) or 663-5365 (Ruth Schultz).  You can also discuss other special circumstances, fee reductions, or payments plans with the school principal/designee or the accounting office.
  11. Are all student fees eligible for a waiver?
    No. Fees for lost or damaged library books, missing/damaged devices, textbooks, other materials and athletic uniforms/equipment, locks and planners do not qualify for a fee waiver.  You can work with your school principal/designee or the District accounting office to set up a payment plan or return the item(s).