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Continuing students within the MMSD:

Families completing the application for students continuing within the MMSD will complete the enrollment process fully online and will not be asked to verify any enrollment documentation unless they have an address change.

Families with an address change in the last year will be asked to send verification of their new address (either lease, recent utility bill, or mortgage) to the school’s email address listed in the confirmation email they will receive upon submitting the online enrollment application. For moves after June 10, students can stay at the school they attended during the 2019-20 school year, if they choose. Note: families who move after the last day of the school year 2019-20 cannot use the utility bill as proof of address since it does not have the date of move.

4K or 5K (new to district): If your student is new to MMSD for the 2020-21 school year AND you completed the 2020-21 online application along with verifying your child’s date of birth, address, and parent/guardian identity and relationship at an MMSD school or office prior to August 10, there is nothing for you to do. You will receive communication about completing the Free and Reduced application and other enrollment forms.

1. What do I do instead?

Enroll online beginning August 10 at Use the  20-21 Enrollment instructions_Existing student_English  to help you complete the online enrollment application. You will be asked to:

  • Verify your child’s current information
  • Review the list of disclosures and permissions
  • Complete any additional forms you may need

2. Will I need to print anything?

Enrollment is 100% paperless. You will not need to print anything. If you have an address change, you will be asked to email proof of address to your school's email address. Note: families who move after the last day of the school year 2019-20 cannot use the utility bill as proof of address since it does not have the date of move.

3. How would I know if my student's enrollment application is complete?

You will receive an email confirmation which walks you through the next steps and other enrollment forms you may need to complete.

4. Do I need to go to the school to complete enrollment?

No - Schools are closed at this time due to COVID-19. To ensure your safety and the safety of our staff, we are asking that parents use this link to email their students' schools with questions or schedule an appointment with their school to complete the enrollment process. If they only have an address change, they can email that to the school's email address listed in this  link.

5. How can I find out about my schedule?

Schedules will be available in Infinite Campus Parent Portal for Elementary, Middle, and High school starting (date will be determined later). You can submit schedule changes to your counselor using the schedule change form provided by your school. 

6. I have additional questions. What do I do?

Contact the Enrollment Office at or your school. Access your school contact information here.

7. My child is new to the district, what do I need to do to enroll?

Review the new student enrollment information